This is the home page of the Intellectual Property Group, CSIR-NCL !

We are India’s leading Intellectual Property management group associated with non-profit organizations or R&D/ academic organizations. The IP Group (and its predecessors at NCL) has a strong history and track record of championing the cause of IPR, thought leadership in the practice of IP management ¬†as well as contributing to the adoption of best practices in India.

Current responsibilities:

  • Awareness within NCL and proactively identifying inventions
  • Receiving house for invention disclosures and further processing
  • Ownership/ inventorship determination and agreements
  • Analytics and decision support
  • Patent drafting
  • Prosecution support
  • Patent portfolio administration
  • Other formal IPR
  • Data and records management
  • Consulting projects
  • White papers and scholarship
  • Mentoring of IP Facilitation Centre, Pune & regional IPR awareness activities
  • Others

Site launched on 1 Dec 2015